1 PK Waterproof Pouch + 1 PK Waterproof Case

1 PK Waterproof Pouch + 1 PK Waterproof Case

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  • 100% WATERPROOF: ANJ Waterproof phone case and Waterproof pouch features strong sealing protection with IPX8 lab certified up to 32 feet (10 meters) underwater for one hour, so you can go swimming and snorkeling with confidence knowing your phone and valuables dry as a bone. Perfect for Beach, Pool, Water Parks, Boating, Kayaking, Fishing, Camping, and Sporting Events;
  • DUAL PACK DUAL PURPOSES WATERPROOF BAG: Designed for maximum flexibility, this two pack features a waterproof phone case that gives you the best option of carrying your phone in the water, as well as a transparent blue sky waterproof pouch that gives you more room to protect your valuables. The phone case can hold phones at all sizes up to 6.5” screen. The large pouch measures at 8.5 x 6.4 inches to hold more items even for an iPad mini!
  • THE MOST DURABLE WATERPROOF WALLET IN THE MARKET: Made of durable and soft PVC material with a higher density, ANJ waterproof pouches not only ensure the waterproof ability but also are durable for your use. They provide all-weather protection from water, sand, dirt, dust, mud, and snow while you're on the go;
  • Touch Screen-Friendly: ANJ waterproof pouches are made with a soft but durable PVC material that enables you to use your touch-screen without unsealing the pouch. You do not have to open the ANJ pouch to check emails, text, post pics or make phone calls!
  • EXTRA LONG AND ADJUSTABLE STRAP: The pouch strap is Light weighted, made of heavy-duty nylon that is flexible and soft for your comfort. It adjusts from 33"to 45" for waist sizes and long enough to be worn as a shoulder bag strap.