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What Our Valued Customers Say About Us

The design and colors are easy on the eyes. One side is a nice soft cloth feel, reminds me of a baby's fleece blanket. The other side is almost like a synthetic material that makes it water resistant/proof. It's easy to dust crumbs off, but if stains get on it, not sure how I will go about washing or cleaning it. The bottom side is water resistant, the top colorful side, i'm not so sure. So far, I haven't spilled any liquid on it yet. Overall, good item. It's good to have, makes a nice big area for a picnic.

- Nova

I can confirm that these are waterproof. I put a paper towel in one and submerged it in a pot of water for a few hours. When I opened it back up there was no moisture inside at all. The pocket is big enough for a cell phone and a slim wallet without being too big. Since it's plastic, I wouldn't put anything sharp like keys in it, but otherwise these are durable. The waist strap is adjustable and will fit people of average / large size.

- Tracey

Bought it for my boyfriend. He used to go to the gym everyday until he hurt his back. It’s not as easy for him to do weights and other activities now since he will hurt himself even more. I heard about this EMS pads from my aunt. She doesn’t really workout much but she said it works for her as she could see her belly got toner. I got it and my boyfriend tried it for a few days, he liked it! He said it’s pretty comfy and he could feel some sourness just like after working out the muscles, and that’s when he knew it worked.

- Pdu

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