Why ANJ Sports Premium Gym Gloves:

  • Strong Wrist Support with 19" wrist wrap and double Velcro
  • Extra Palm Protection from added leather and silicone padding
  • Anti-sweat Open Back Design to help your hands breathe better
  • Strong Grip with the unique silicone design pattern
  • High Quality Neoprene Material to provide comfort and durability

Customer testimonials

Tamika Hawkins - Best weightlifting gloves

I can do squat cleans, knees to chest, mountain climbers. Everything literally and they still feel good on my hands. Gripping the bar is great! They do not slip and there is minimal sweat! Can't wait for my calluses to disappear


Николай Станошек - The best gym gloves that money can buy!

These gloves are super comfortable and fashionable too! My wife wasn't sure about these at first, but she said that everyone at the gym comments on how cool her gloves are and they are the most comfortable gloves she's ever worn to the gym, but the most important thing is that they keep her hands soft and free from abrasions, blisters, and dryness!