The Largest Resistance Range Hand Grip Strengthener + Finger Exerciser + Finger Stretcher

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  • COMPREHENSIVE WORKOUT KIT TO COVER ALL YOUR HAND EXERCISE NEEDS: For your hand, your fingers, your wrist and your forearm, our hand gripper and finger presser will strengthen the flexors, while our finger stretcher will strengthen the extensors. They will cover all your hand exercise needs.
  • AJUSTABLE HAND GRIPPER WITH THE LARGEST STRENGTH RANGE: Our high quality hand grips will help you to build the power of hand grip, finger grip, forearm grip and wrist flexibility. Compared against the normal grip strength range of 22 Lb. – 88 Lb., ours is 11 Lb. – 132 Lb., which gives you more flexibility and room to practice.
  • INDIVIDUAL FINGER STRENGTHENER: Our delicate finger strengthener methodically exercise each of your fingers (4 Lb. resistance each finger). It is a great grip strength trainer for athletes or musicians who want to build their finger strength for rock climbing, guitar playing, piano playing, and etc.
  • MEDIUM STRENGTH LEVEL FINGER STRETCHER: With the hand gripper and finger exerciser building gripping power, this finger stretcher is designed to increase your extensors strength. It is especially useful for people recovering from arthritis or Carpal Tunnel.
  • PORTABLE AND DURABLE: Our 3 PK hand strengtheners are designed for you to carry wherever you go. Put in your pocket and you can perform your exercise anytime you want to. Our hand strengtheners are built with high quality material to give you long lasting experience!