Crystal Clear 8G USB Digital Voice Recorder

Crystal Clear 8G USB Digital Voice Recorder

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  • MOST AFFORDABLE USB DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER: If you are simply looking for a portable and good quality digital recorder at the most affordable price, then do not look further. We carry this digital audio recorder for these values – ultimate portability, good recording quality and affordability!
  • NEVER MISS A BIT OF RECORDING: We may not put many extra functions into this recording device, but we definitely did not sacrifice any recording quality of this mini recorder. Compared to other similar recorders, this one provides the most sensitive and lossless recording quality!
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE WITH ONE TOUCH RECORDING: Portability is definitely the focus of this sound recorder. Weighs less than half ounce and measures at the size of a USB drive, you may use it as a recording device for meeting, a voice recorder for lectures, or even a listening device for spying! Furthermore, the recording operation is extremely simple – just push the button and it starts its job!
  • NEVER BE WORRIED ABOUT RECORDING SPACE: Again, recording is the focus of the this recording pen. With 8G internal memory, the voice recorder can store up to 99 hours recording. Furthermore, with one full charge, the device supports continuous recording for 15 hours, enough for any recording scenarios.
  • PLUG AND PLAY, USE IT WITH PC OR MAC: The mini voice recorder is designed for easy plug and play, with both PC and MAC (except for time stamp). After recording, you can simply connect the device to your computer and listen to the content (WAV file compatible player requested).