Cute Panda Dancing Robot

Cute Panda Dancing Robot

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  • IT IS TOO CUTE!! If you are looking for some kids toys that cracks everyone up, then look no further than this cute panda robot! Putting a panda and a dancing robot together, the designer of this toy surely aced on cuteness! The big round eyes, the silly but cute songs, the dancing, and the rotation, every part of this toy will make you laugh!
  • ROTATING AND SIGNING: The panda robot features 2 types of dancing routine, a small fast rotation and a large circling rotation. It will sing its panda songs when dancing, and the sound is very gentle, not loud at all.
  • A PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT FOR KIDS: This high quality panda robot comes in a nice gift box at 9” tall and 8” wide. A perfect holiday gift for any toddlers, preschoolers, or kids at age 6-9. One thing you will know for sure – the kids will love it!
  • BEAUTIFUL FLASHING LIGHTS WITH BRIGHT COLORS: When the switch is turned on (requires 3 AA batteries which are sold separately), a set of dynamic flashing lights with beautiful red and green colors will flash from the big eyes, the paws and the legs. The dynamic flashing of the bright colors is more appealing to the children and beneficial for their color recognition capability!
  • ROBOTS WITH NO FALLS DESIGN – Unlike the older generation of the dancing robots which fall all the time, the newly designed robot toy features bump & go wheels along with rotating wheel, making the movements much more stable. Never be frustrated again by the falls!!